Sunday, October 26, 2008

new shirt design

Hi my fellow guitar tpjcians! We have talked and thought about this, and decided to do a new design instead. This is the new guitar shirt design, and its cheaper, and to us, nicer!!

The previous design looked really cool on screen but we figured if we really wore it out it'll turn out pretty weird. So here's the new shizz. Collar- T with mini logo and words at the back. We'll have a vote on tuesday whether you want it red or green. PLUS, its only 15 bucks. (im figuring this is tentative)

I have also put up the sizes for the shirts so please get your measurements figured soon! They follow the school house shirt sizes if im not wrong. So, please bring your money and size numbers down on tuesday to let us know! everything else will be settled on tuesday.

<3 peiying.